This is the story of Tori's family as they race to save her from her life in an Eastern European mental institution.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reagan's News

Reagan is so very excited to announce that she will soon be a big sister. Her good little friend, Anastasia, will soon be coming home with her and will be called Carrington Ann. The Lord has called upon our family to save another life. Another life He has great plans for. Carrington Ann is 3 years old and has Down syndrome. A very special friend, who visited Carrington in person, says that it broke her heart every day to see our sweet little girl left completely alone and just flat out ignored. That certainly will change for her once she sets foot on American soil! She will be loved, Loved, LOVED!!! While we are still wondering what all He has planned for our family we do know that we are to follow Him. In Proverbs 2 it says we are to cry out for understanding and ask for insight. I have been reading that verse every night for a couple of weeks and the more I read it and hand it up to God the more calm I am. Believe me, the response we are getting from so many people is similar to "are you crazy?" Yes, I guess we are. Crazy happy and crazy in love with each member of our family. We certainly are on an adventure that only God knows the outcome to but that is okay with me.

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  1. So exciting! I'm glad you are blogging this...our family continues to pray for yours!