This is the story of Tori's family as they race to save her from her life in an Eastern European mental institution.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TODAY was the day!!

Imagine our delight when our stateside helper, who shall remain anonymous but begins with a N and ends in a Y, sent an email declaring WE WERE SUBMITTED to Reagan's country's government of adoptions. Our family sent up loud cheers which made our little ones stare at us like "and they say you all are in charge?" The rest of the day so many friends were asking if we had been submitted and it was with so much relief and happiness we were able to say yes! Reagan Faith, your mommy and daddy-yes sweetheart- you have a mommy and daddy now, are coming. Our greatest hope now is that the government issues us an early December travel date so we can get over to Reagan. Some days this seems so surreal until I see the pile of stuff we have been putting aside to take over and then I realize this is REAL!!!! We are truly on a mission not only to bring Reagan home but I believe God will be using us in a few other ways as well. I cannot believe this journey we are on yet I look forward to where this will bring our whole family.

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